Get to Know the Ballot and Make a Plan to Vote

Get to Know the Ballot and Make a Plan to Vote

Change starts on a local level. Get to know your candidates and make sure they represent what matters to you. 

What are my options to vote this year?

This year, Pennsylvania voters have the option to vote by mail, early in-person, and at the polls on election day. Visit PA Dems’ voting center to make your plan to vote this fall. 

When can I vote early in-person?

Starting soon, through October 27th at 5:00 PM, you can vote early by going to your county elections office in person, requesting a ballot, completing it, and handing it back on the spot!

How can I learn more about the candidates on my ballot?

There are plenty of resources to learn about local races, issues, candidates, ballot initiatives, and who is on your ballot: BallotPedia, Your Local Voting Zone, or Vote411

Can I vote for a straight party ticket?

Yes, but it will look different than prior elections. Instead of filling in one mark to vote for every candidate of a party on the ballot, you must fill in the circle next to the name of every candidate that you’d like to vote for this year. 

What are “naked ballots” and do I need to return my ballot in two envelopes?

Pennsylvania has a two-envelope system: a completed ballot goes into a “secrecy envelope” that has no identifying information, and then into a larger mailing envelope that the voter signs. The state Supreme Court in Pennsylvania ordered officials to throw out “naked ballots” or mail ballots that arrive without inner “secrecy envelopes.” 

How can I make sure my ballot is counted?

  • Fill out your ballot in blue or black ink.
  • Make sure you place your ballot in the secrecy envelope and then put the secrecy envelope into the official envelope.
  • Be sure to sign the declaration or your ballot may not count.